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I'm Dr. Jay E. Bauman DDS, The Tooth Puller, your personal source for most dental extractions. If you are experiencing tooth pain and looking for a painless, cost effective, no pressure solution an extraction may be the most cost effective way.

I have been practicing dentistry in Orange CA for over 15 years. I have extracted thousands of teeth with great success in an environment that provides no pressure for "other" dental services that will cost you dearly. Teeth extraction is one of my many specialties. The process is simple, painless and I will even give you a follow up call to make sure you are ok after you go home. Oral sedation is also available.

If a tooth extraction is what you need, than that is what I will do. Of course I will show you other options available if you want make sure you are making the right decision, but at the end of the day, if you need your tooth pulled, that is what I will do. We provide strict steralization for uncompromised safety.

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